WordPress Tools

Tools are very important feature of WordPress. From this section you can easily import or export your website or blog contents from one site another. It contains a number of useful built-in functions for better managing your website or blog.

Go to Tools –>Available Tools from your dashboard menu section. This brings you the “Tools” screen as below-

Click on the “Categories and Tags Converter” link to go to the import screen as shown below-

Import screens lists various functions that let you import content created in other system and other WordPress sites into your existing website.

 The Official WordPress Importer allows you to easily export content into another website using an XML file. It allows you to move:

Posts, pages and other custom post types, Comments, Custom fields and post meta, Categories, tags and terms from custom taxonomies, Authors

Import data to WordPress using tools

You can import posts, page or comments or other content from another WordPress.com or WordPress.org blog or site. To open import tool go to Dashboard > Tools > Import.

By default, WordPress does not provide import functionality.  Hence to get this feature you have to install a Plugin.

In the above image, you can see the specification of each plugin .Among them WordPress importer is mostly used for Import posts, comments, custom fields, pages, and categories from a WordPress export file.

Now just click on install now button to install WordPress importer. Next click on run importer and select your file to import.

 Export WordPress data using WordPress export tools

There are three options available. The first option backs up all content including posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories and tags.

Alternatively, you can choose to only export posts or pages. You can filter what is exported and only export content from particular categories, authors, date range and publication status.

Once you have decided what content to export, save the XML export file to your computer.