WordPress General Settings

 The General Settings in WordPress allow you to set different general options for the WordPress site. Go to the “Settings” Menu in WordPress and click on “General”. General setting page contains options for changing the general settings in WordPress for your entire site. The fields on this screen also determine some of the basics of your site setup.

General Settings in WordPress:

  1. Site Title: Type the name of your website or blog’s name here.
  2. Tagline: Type the site tagline, or explain what your site is all about.
  3. WordPress Address (URL): This field should display the full URL of the directory where your WordPress application files have been installed.
  4. Site Address (URL): This is the address you want people to type into their browser to reach your WordPress site or blog.
  5. E-mail Address: This field is the default e-mail address to use for administrative purposes on the site.
  6. New User default role: To allow site visitors to register themselves as users on your site, check the “Anyone can register” checkbox next to the “Membership” label.
  7. New User Role: Use the “New User Default Role” drop-down to select the default role to assign to new users when they register as members on the site.
  8. Site Language: Select language from the drop-down menu.
  9. Time Zone: Select your city or time zone from the drop-down menu, or just ignore this setting.
  10. Date format: To choose a date format for your website, select the desired option button choice in the “Date Format” section.
  11. Time format: To choose a time format for your website, select an option button choice in the “Time Format” section.
  12. Week Starts On: Use the “Week Starts On” drop-down to select on which day the week starts.

Once you have entered all of the above settings, click save changes to update your settings.