WordPress Post, Categories and Tags

Now, we will study about how to Add Posts in WordPress. Posts are also known as articles and popularly known blog posts. 

A. Adding Post on WordPress:

           Click on Posts → Add New in WordPress. 

      You will transfer to WordPress posts editor section(similar to Microsoft word screen) as shown in the following screen. Here write the actual content of your post.  Follow the instructions given in below image to write your post content.

Click on Publish button to publish your completed post.

Following are the few other options present in the Publish section.

  • Save Draft − It saves the post as a draft.
  • Preview − You can preview your post before publishing.
  • Move to Trash − Deletes the post.
  • Status − Change the status of your post to Published, Pending, or Reviewer Draft.
  • Visibility − Change the visibility of the post to Public, Private or Password protected.
  • Published − Change the published post date and time.

B. How to Edit your Posts on WordPress.

Go to Posts → All Posts in WordPress.

You can view your already created post “your favorite pets” ( was created previously). When the cursor hovers on the Post, few options get displayed below the Post name. There are two ways to edit the Post i.e. Edit and Quick Edit.

Edit − Click on Edit option in your favorite pets as shown in the following image.

You can edit or change the content or title of the post as per your needs, and then click on Update Button.

Quick Edit − Click on Quick Edit option in your post to change your post Title, Slug, and date, categories etc. After necessary changes click on Update button to confirm post edits.

C. How to delete Posts in WordPress:

To delete your post just Click on Posts → All Post and next hover over to your post and see the options get displayed. Click on Trash option to delete your post.

D. Tags in WordPress:

The “tag” tells the visitors what actually the post is all about. It is the small pieces of information related to your post content.Tags help to find the content very easily.

To add tags to our post Click on Posts → Tags in WordPress and the Tags page is displayed.

To Edit Tags in WordPress Click on Posts → Tags in WordPress. When the cursor hovers on the Tags, then a few options get displayed below the Tag name. There are two ways to edit the tags i.e. Edit and Quick Edit just similar to editing a post above.

To delete tags in WordPress  Click on Posts → Tags in WordPress and when the cursor hovers on the Tags, then a few options get displayed below the Tags name. Click on Delete in the tags section. When you click on delete, you will get a pop message asking for confirmation to delete.

You can click on OK button and delete the tag permanently.