WordPress Pages

 WordPress page is practically the same as a post. The only difference is visible on the right side of the screen. Where posts allow you to select different categories, tags and pages give you the opportunity to arrange them in hierarchies, apply custom templates and reorder them as you wish. 

To add and publish a new page:

Go to Pages -> Add New
Enter title, content and set a featured image if available
Click the “Publish” button on the right side shown in below screen

Configuring your pages: Page Attribute

Page attributes module allows you to select the parents for your particular page. You can also set the order of the pages.
There are 3 options  here:

  • Parent – This option allows you to choose the parent page.
  • Template – You can choose which default template this page can be used when it is displayed.
  • Order – The order how your new page will be displayed.

Editing or Deleting a Page in WordPress:

You can Edit or delete a WordPress page by following the similar approach shown previously while in case of WordPress posts.

like before when the cursor hovers on the Pages, few options get displayed below the Page name. There are two ways to edit the Page i.e. Edit and Quick Edit.

Edit − Click on Edit option in the page you want to edit.This will basically forward you to the same interface used for adding a page, however this time it will be filled with information for the page you are editing. Click on Update button after necessary changes.

Quick Edit − Click on Quick Edit option in your page to change your page Title, Slug, and date, page attributes etc. After necessary changes click on Update button to confirm page edits.

To delete your page just Click on Pages → All Pages and next hover over to your page and see the options get displayed. Click on Trash option to delete your page.


If you would like to delete a page permanently you will need to access the Trash section available above the table view at the “Pages” page and you will be redirected to the page itself. Again a table view will be presented with all of the pages moved to the Trash section and if you would like to Permanently Delete a page you will need to hover the page you would like to delete and to use the Permanently Delete link.

If you like to delete multiple pages you can select the pages with the checkbox located just before the page name and then select the Delete Permanently option from the dropdown list located below (or above) the table with all of the pages.