WordPress Media

Media Menu in WordPress is used to manage your uploads (images, audio, video, and other files).  There are two options under the Media menu, screens one is the Library which lists all the files in the media library. These files can be edited and deleted from the library. The second option is Add New used to upload files. You can also upload media (images, videos, etc) while writing a post or page.

   Go to Media and Click on → Library. You can view media files like images, audios, videos. Click on Add Media button.The Upload New Media page gets displayed and from there you can easily upload your file to the media library. 

The various tabs that appear have the following functions −

List View − Displays the images and videos in list form.

Grid View − Displays all images in the grid format as shown in the following screen.

Filter the images and videos − Filters the images and videos.

Search Box − Helps to search a particular image by inserting the name into the box.

To Add Media to your post or page follow the below steps:-

       1. Click on Media → Add New.

       2. Then, click on Select Files option to select the files from your local disk.

      3. Add Media files such as images and audios by selecting them. 

The selected media file will be displayed on the right side of the screen under the Attachment Details. Click on Insert Post button, the image will be inserted into the post. In Attachment Details section, you will find information about the images such as URL, Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description

You can also insert an image directly from your system by clicking on Upload Files tab. Click on Insert into Post button.