Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process by which a website achieves a top slot in a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Search engines like Google and Bing are always highly populated with millions of websites in every category. So, getting a top rank in this search engines needs a lot of perseverance and intensive knowledge on SEO. A successful SEO can push a business at its peak without any significant investment in sales promotion and advertisement. Success in an online business largely depends on professionally accomplished SEO campaign. SEO is important because of the following reasons

SEO is a process, not a mere tool for online marketing. It takes into account everything regarding a website that will improve a user’s experience and usability of a website.

Ranking First and higher growth is always everybody’s goal .SEO helps a website to get that goal SEO also helps to promote in the social media too. Satisfied visitors normally promote their website in different social media like Facebook, Google+ and twitter etc.

SEO is important from the perspective of competition too. When two companies are selling the same products or services, the website of the company which comes ahead of the other in SERP naturally remains ahead in competition too. Buyer’s preferred that website or that company more than the other.