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Hello, My name is Ram Prasad Sarkar.

Welcome to my open and free webdesign tutorial-based personal blog. is built to help individuals and small business owners who want to build their website or blog.

Here; I share my journey and experiences about WordPress with you.  I’ve been interested in Website design using WordPress CMS since last three years and it is my passion now. I am here to share my experiences, lessons, programming languages I learned and resources, I used to help you build a complete website in WordPress and go online.

Many people think you need a design or Computer Science degree before you can become a great designer/developer. I have neither. I came from an Electrical Engineering background.

My Journey with WordPress:

Sharing my secret with you.  By profession, I am, an Electrical Engineer. I have no formal academic degree or courses in web development and web technology. Three years before, one fine evening, being curious to know, I had given a search on “how to build my website” while browsing and came to know about WordPress and made my first website. Since then my journey with WordPress is started, made few websites in WordPress (till date 23) for others.  I am very much enjoying it now and don’t hesitate to say this,’ I am completely fall in love with WordPress ‘

     The reason that forced me to build is mainly to get helped others who don’t know actually how a website can be made or how to make a website not being learn of any sort of programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP and all that. I realigned that One of the reasons that forced me to put together this website was quite simple – I just didn’t want to see people spend thousands of dollars hiring web developers and designers.

      Once again, thanks a lot for taking your time to read this. I look forward to connecting with you.

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